For now, the US can be sure to prevent North Korean missile attacks

Washington DC – The US military feels confident of defending itself from North Korean missile threats, at least for now. This is after North Korea launched a new type of intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), Hwasong-15, which is claimed to be able to reach US territory.

As quoted by, Thursday (30/11/2017), a US official who declined to be named said America did not change his judgment that his missile defense system able to stop North Korea missile attacks. Although the guarantee can not be ascertained for the future.

“I do not think they will be able to successfully succeed the US for now,” the US official said.

“There is a common logic that we can stop whatever North Korea has right now.For the future, I do not know,” he added.

The United States spent countless hours and billions of dollars to develop sophisticated technology capable of stopping ballistic missiles coming near its territory. The US Congress passed an additional budget of several billion dollars to develop that capability.

To protect themselves from an ICBM, the US military has a system called Ground-based Midcourse Defense (GMD), designed specifically for firing interceptor missiles that will use kinetic energy to destroy nearby targets (missiles).

The US now has 44 interceptor missiles stationed at Fort Greely Military Base in Alaska and Vandenberg Air Base in California. The interceptor missiles were tested in May and the US military successfully launched a GMD interceptor missile from the California base. The interceptor missiles sped out of Earth’s atmosphere and then hit an artificial ICBM target, destroying it in a direct collision.

But it is also recognized that GMD systems have a poor record in previous trials, precisely when failing to intercept slower targets. Nevertheless, this US official called GMD system is able to protect the entire US territory.

GMD is said to be able to stop a series of missiles at once from a dangerous country like North Korea, but is believed to be overwhelmed to ward off massive missile attacks from major nuclear countries like Russia.

On Wednesday (29/11) early morning, North Korea launched a new type of ICBM missile, Hwasong-15. North Korea claims the Hwasong-15 missile is capable of carrying large super-warheads and reaching any target within the mainland US.

In a separate statement, US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis called the latest North Korean missiles capable of airing much higher than any other missiles ever launched. Mattis warned that the North in the near future will be able to threaten all areas of the world.

Evolution of the F1 logo after 23 years, this is a negative response rider

The latest news comes from the world of jet land racing, Formula 1 (F1). F1 Authority introduced their new logo to be used in next season’s racing season.

After 23 years, the latest F1 logo has a more modern and dynamic design. Reportedly, this new logo will be officially launched in the upcoming 2018 Abu Dhabi GP event.

The latest F1 logo leak is dominated by red with a large curve to the right on the front, very much different from the old logo that uses a combination of black, white, red and oblique slash.

Renewal of the logo is explained in more detail by Ellie Norman, “The logo looks incredibly bold and simple.When we apply in the digital market, this logo is more flexible and can be used anywhere,” said Head of Marketing F1 as quoted from Autosport, Tuesday (28/11).

The latest news comes from the world of jet land racing, Formula 1 (F1). F1 Authority introduced their new logo to be used in next season’s racing season.

Lewis Hamilton, the world champion racing season 2017 also commented. “I think the old logo is more iconic, just imagine if Marcedes or Ferrari change their logo,” said the British rider as quoted from

In addition, other world champion Sebastian Vettel revealed if the old logo is one of the best logos.

The legendary F1 old logo was introduced since 1993.

One way to shampoo make hair dandruff

Hair as a crown of the head indeed needs to be treated well, at least by doing a routine shampoo.

Hair as a crown of the head indeed needs to be treated well, at least by doing a routine shampoo. According to dr. Sari Chairunnisa, SpKK, the right time to do a routine shampoo that can be seen from the type of hair.

“Look at our hair type again, if the hair is oily, every day it is okay, because if the condition is oily, it is very uncomfortable for dry hair at least 2 days, because if too often the hair will be dry,” he said when met recently .

Many of us who feel the problem of hair one of them is the incidence of dandruff caused by the wrong way shampoan. Though Sari said it had no effect at all.

“Most importantly, when the shampoo do not directly rinsed, allow to absorb into the scalp and stem the new hair rinsed so that the nutrients are maintained,” he concluded.

The panoramic moment of Mount Agung eruption becomes the background of Bali tourist photos

Bali has a direct impact on the tourism aspect. Ngurah Rai Airport was temporarily closed due to the eruption. Head of Information and Public Relations Data Center of National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB), Sutopo Purwo Nugroho appealed to not do any activity in Disaster Prone Area (KRB), and all areas within a radius of 8-10 kilometers from the crater of Mount Agung.

Not a few foreign tourists who remain in Bali perpetuate the rare moments of eruption. Some tourists share the panoramic moment of Mount Agung eruption through social media such as Twitter and Instagram. Most of the tourists capture the moment from a safe location and away from the location of Mount Agung.

“Admiring the work of the Divine Foreign tourists see the eruption of Mount Agung from Amed There is no panic because it understands volcanic information well and is in a safe place The dangerous area in Bali is only 8-10 km from the top of the crater #BaliTetapAman” Sutopo Purwo Nugroho wrote in his Twitter account, in the background of Bali tourist photos.

1. Photo together, do not forget to use mask.   

2. Although Mount Agung looks very far away, some of these people do not want to miss the rare momentum.

3. Walking in the rice field with Gunung Agung background.

4. “Amazing landscape of Mount Agung from Pura Lempuyang” wrote the account owner.

5. In order to capture the moment, the account owner is willing to wake up early.

10 Different ways guys & girls present in the daily attitude

Current guys and girls have their own way of doing things. This difference is evident from the start photographing until coughing. Girls will seem more graceful and control themselves when coughing. While the guy will try to look more handsome.

Of course not all guys and girls like this. This comparison only represents some common views of guys and girls when performing certain activities. Launched from is 10 different styles of guys and girls the present.

1. Boys will show more of her body, while girls will prefer styles that seem slim and elegant.

2. When holding the bottle, the guy will try to look dashing. On the other hand, girls look cute with a pose like this.

3. Girl will show off her nails when told to show off her hands.

4. When called from behind, the guy will rotate all over his body. While girls usually just turn their heads only.

5. Guys often take off shirts by pulling them from the top. While girls more often pull shirts from the bottom.

6. Girl looks elegant and graceful when sitting like this. Guys usually sit with this style to look dashing.

7. When coughing, the girl will look sweeter and pay attention around. Guys usually use fist to cover the cough.

8. The guy covers his mouth when yawning with one hand. Instead, girls usually use two hands to cover their mouths.

9. Although different, usually a guy will use one hand when styling his hair.

10. Girl looks cute and adorable when trying to throw the ball. The guy will wear a pose that makes him look strong.