10 Different ways guys & girls present in the daily attitude

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Current guys and girls have their own way of doing things. This difference is evident from the start photographing until coughing. Girls will seem more graceful and control themselves when coughing. While the guy will try to look more handsome.

Of course not all guys and girls like this. This comparison only represents some common views of guys and girls when performing certain activities. Launched from twitterk.com is 10 different styles of guys and girls the present.

1. Boys will show more of her body, while girls will prefer styles that seem slim and elegant.

2. When holding the bottle, the guy will try to look dashing. On the other hand, girls look cute with a pose like this.

3. Girl will show off her nails when told to show off her hands.

4. When called from behind, the guy will rotate all over his body. While girls usually just turn their heads only.

5. Guys often take off shirts by pulling them from the top. While girls more often pull shirts from the bottom.

6. Girl looks elegant and graceful when sitting like this. Guys usually sit with this style to look dashing.

7. When coughing, the girl will look sweeter and pay attention around. Guys usually use fist to cover the cough.

8. The guy covers his mouth when yawning with one hand. Instead, girls usually use two hands to cover their mouths.

9. Although different, usually a guy will use one hand when styling his hair.

10. Girl looks cute and adorable when trying to throw the ball. The guy will wear a pose that makes him look strong.

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