France won from Australia 2-1 in Game C Category Final Group C 2018

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The French national team earned three points in the 2018 World Cup title after they subvert Australia 2-1 in the first match of Group C. France appear extraordinary in this fight because they are able to dominate the game. Two French goals scored by Antoine Griezmann and Paul Pogba.
The Match:

First round:

Once the referee blew the start of the match, the French immediately appeared kicked off. Just entering the second minute, Kylian Mbappe, immediately threatened the Australian goal with a hard kick from the right side of the field. Luckily the Australian goalkeeper, Matthew Ryan, can still brush it off.

In the fifth minute, France got a free kick. Paul Pogba who became the executor was able to bend the shot past the posse. However, Ryan can still secure the arrival of the ball. So too a minute later when Antoine Griezmann kick off volley from outside the penalty box, Ryan is still able to become a savior.

In the first 10 minutes, France continues to pound the Australian defense. Appreciation should be given to Ryan who look slick at the beginning of this fight. Meanwhile, for Australia, their first chance came in the 12th minute when Mooy’s free kick was struck by Lecky’s header. Unfortunately, the ball header is still soaring.

Slowly, Australia began to play openly and attack France once it got a chance. However, Les Bleus still dominates the fight and more often presses Australia. As happened in the 25th minute when Mbappe and Dembele penetrated into the Australian defense, though it has not produced results.

Entering the 36th minute, France is still pressing Australia. Even so, Bert van Marwijk’s squad is still able to dampen any threats. Like what happened when Mooy stopped Mbappe, who tried to break through their defenses, with his tackle. The first half was finally ended with a score equally strong 0-0.


Second round:

Entering the second half, France still has not relaxed their attacks. Trio Mbappe, Dembele, and Griezmann on the front lines are still trying to find the first number. However, Australia’s defense remains as disciplined, so that France can not get what they want.

In the 53rd minute, Australia turned against France. From the right side of the field, Risdon releases a cross that leads to the heart of the French defense. However, Raphael Varane, still able to reach the arrival of the ball and secure it. Opportunities for Australia are wasted.

The first goal in this fight just created in the 58th minute. Griezmann who penetrated into the Australian defense area was breached by Risdon who was late in the tackle. No doubt, the referee also pointed to the white point. Griezmann himself who advanced as an executor, successfully performing their duties well. Foot left kick to the right corner of Australia’s goal can not be dammed by Ryan. France winning 1-0.

Nevertheless, the excitement of France could not last long. The reason, four minutes later, Australia equalized. It was originated from a mistake made by Samuel Umtiti who tried to dispel Mooy free kick with his hand in the forbidden area. The referee then gave a gift to Australia a penalty. Mile Jedinak who did a successful execution breaking goalkeeper Hugo Lloris. The score is now just as strong as 1-1.

Umtiti who felt guilty for the incident tried to pay for his mistake by firing a powerful shot in the 69th minute from outside the penalty box. Unfortunately, these efforts still can not restore the benefits of France because the Australian players are able to block it.

In the 80th minute, the new France can gain superiority back. Starting from the bait released Olivier Giroud, Paul Pogba quickly continue with a tight kick. The ball hit the bar, bounced down, and returned to the playing field. However, the referee validate the incident as a goal because the ball has crossed the goal line based on Goal Line Technology.

Until the fight was over, no more additional goals are created. The match ended with a score of 2-1 for the French victory. With this result, for a while France became the top Group C, while Australian caretaker.

Composition of Players:

France: Lloris, Varane, Umtiti, Hernandez, Pavard, Pogba, Kante, Tolisso (Matuidi 78 ‘), Griezmann (Giroud 70’), Dembele (Fekir 70 ‘), Mbappe

Australia: Ryan, Behich, Sainsbury, Risdon, Milligan, Jedinak, Leckie, Mooy, Rogic (Irvine 72 ‘), Nabbout (Juric 64’), Kruse (Arzani 84 ‘)

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